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Rob Mitchell was born in the suburbs of London in 1970. He studied photography and design at a renowned art college in the UK, learning the crafts of making industrial scale models and photography. The skills obtained during the hands-on era of model making and analogue photography have proved invaluable throughout his career in the car, tv and product design industries. After relocating to Belgium, Rob has continued to develop both hands-on skills and the skills needed to stay at the leading edge of the digital revolution. These skills have included helping develop 3D design software, lecture and train people in the use of 3D software and written countless articles on the matter. The switch of skills and thinking from analogue to digital photographic imaging techniques has been smooth and continues to open new doors. Photography, the foundation subject of Rob’s studies has been boosted in recent years and now commercial photography is the main focus of his work. The constant learning curve and development of skills are what drives Rob onwards in his career. Coupled with the 20 years of experience and creativity, this is a formidable force in the digital imaging world.